comayagua, honduras
St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center
SBJ Courtyard


SBJ Dental Clinic


Dental health is a major part of our well-being. Because dentistry is not usually covered by Honduran Public Medicine, it is unfortunately inaccessible to most poor families.

Our beautiful and modern dental clinic operates every morning, and is available exclusively to children and adults from underprivileged families. Even with our clinic's limited operating hours we are able to attend to an average of 300 patients per month. Coupled with an active onsite rural dental program, which treats about 65 patients a month, SBJ dentistry is putting a healthy smile back on the face of our local communities.

Dental Clinic photos
Dental Prep Area Patient waiting
Dental Clinic
Local Honduran Dentist at SBJ Clinic



  Small Boy at Dental Clinic