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St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center
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The St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center
Needs Your Help


Financial Needs:

Our greatest and most urgent need is for regular donors and financial sponsors to help meet our basic operating expenses.

The St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center has a tight budget, economizes as much as possible without sacrificing anything essential, and receives as many donations of supplies as we can. However, significant operating costs remain such as salaries, utilities, transportation, and medicines and other supplies that are not donated by benefactors.


Medicines, Medical and Surgical Equipment and Supplies:

The St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center does not charge for any of its services, nor for any medicines we distribute. There is a tremendous ongoing need for medicines for our patients. While most foreign visiting surgical teams bring the equipment and supplies they need, local surgeons and specialists are not able to donate these types of resources.


Financial Offerings to Support
the St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center can be sent to:

Franciscan Mission Outreach
PO Box 1073
Secaucus, New Jersey 07096-1073
(please note in memo line of check:
St. Benedict Joseph Fund)

We are not able to accept online donations at this time.

for further information, contact Rosann Mucciolo at:



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