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St. Gerard Program


The St. Gerard pre and post-natal care program helps new mothers ensure their babies get a healthy start in life. Through the generous support of SBJ benefactors we have been able to supply thousands of mothers with essential medicines and vitamins to help both mom and baby in these early critical stages.

The majority of the women who benefit from the program are from poor, mountain, or rural villages. As well as providing medical assistance, the St. Gerard program also offers education to mothers-to-be and new moms on basic infant care.

The care we provide at SBJ is essential. Unfortunately, infant mortality in Honduras is not uncommon. Nutrition and proper medical attention are often wanting here. Our committed staff at SBJ, through the St. Gerard Program, is filling this void and providing medications and education to help prevent infant deaths.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, all our services are absolutely without cost.

An average of 100 women per month are enrolled in the St. Gerard Program.



Meet some of our patients...
Mother and Newborn Newborn Baby at St. Gerard Program
Small Boy in Waiting Area


  Infant at St. Gerard Program